Erin Meyers is a paralegal at Jameson & Powers, P.C. She focuses on pre-contract support, assisting with deals under contract, and providing post-closing support. Erin also handles the various administrative aspects of projects and maintains the pipeline of deals at the firm to ensure they are carried out efficiently.

Erin appreciates the opportunity to learn something new and interesting with every deal she encounters. She enjoys the collaborative environment she shares with the legal team at the firm, and the energy that comes with working toward a closing. No matter how complex the task, Erin looks forward to taking on a challenge and helping others reach their goals.

In addition to her paralegal certificate from Southern Methodist University, Erin holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy. She also holds an undergraduate honors degree and a master’s degree in Sociology.

Erin’s Favorite Things

Outside of work, Erin enjoys participating in a wide range of hobbies. When she’s not on the clock, you can find her biking, swimming, practicing circus arts, baking, or reading. She also loves trivia, traveling, and visiting with family and friends.